Female Genital System Pathology

Main entities of the female genital system pathology :

  • in vagina : benign epithelial tumors (papilloma or condilloma acuminate)
  • in cervix uteri : inflammatory lesions (chronic cervicitis), dysplasia (CIN grades I, II or III) and malignant tumors (squamous cell carcinoma).
  • in corpus uteri : endometritis, endometrial hyperplasia, benign epithelial (endometrial polyp) and conjunctive (leiomyoma) tumors, and malignant tumors (endometrial carcinoma).
  • in fallopian tubes : inflammatory lesions (acute and chronic salpingitis)
  • in ovary : cysts and ovarian tumors.

The most frequent diseases of pregnancy are : ectopic pregnancy, abortion, trophoblastic (placental) tumors (hydatiform mole, invasive mole and gestational choriocarcinoma).

Last updated : 01/30/2009