Uterine curettage biopsy

Placenta has two important components : chorionic villi and decidua. The purpose of an uterine curettage biopsy might be therapeutic or abortive.

Chorionic villi
Curretage biopsy - Chorionic free villi

Placenta (chorionic plate) villi - fetal component of placenta has a central core (vessels and mesenchymal cells) covered by trophoblast (cytotrophoblast and sycytiotrophoblast). (H&E, ob. x10)

Curretage biopsy - decidua

Placenta (basal plate) decidua - maternal component of placenta : large decidual cells, with central nucleus, eosinophilic cytoplasm, well delineated. (H&E, ob. x20)

Last updated : 01/30/2009